Introductory Special:  $39 for 30 days of Unlimited Yoga (New students only)                  

           Single Class    $20

5-Class Card: $90     (expires in 45 days)  /($18 per class)

10-Class Card: $170 (expires in 90 days  / ($17 per class)

20-Class Card: $320 (expires in 120 days) / ($16 per class)

40-Class Card: $595 (expires in 145 days  / ($14.88 per class)    

Monthly Unlimited: $175   (expires in 30 days)   ($3 a day)       3-Month Unlimited: $460          6-Month Unlimited: $850               

               Discount Tuition

Available for: Students/Seniors/Teachers/Nurses/Fire/Police                 

   5-Class Card: $81 (expires in 45 days) / ($16.20 per class)

10-Class Card: $153 (expires in 90 days) / ($15.30 per class)

20-Class Card: $288 (expires in 120 days) / ($14.40 per class)

40-Class Card: $535 (expires in 145 days) / ($13.38 per class)           

Monthly Unlimited: $155 ( 30 days)            3-Month Unlimited: $414     (90 days) 6-Month Unlimited: $765

Please note: All students are allowed one freeze per calendar year (for up to 3 weeks) on any class package, excluding our monthly unlimited. Please be sure to notify front desk and/or call the studio if you plan on needing the membership freeze. This freeze option cannot be used retroactively.


Call us at (516) 277-2700 and a Staff Member will assist you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8893Ss330g        Email us at  hy4ylv@gmail.com

Current Schedule

See instructor and current class times here: Schedule


Parking Guidelines

Please be sure not to block any business driveway when parking on Birch Hill Rd. Always remember there is ample parking down the road and at Locust Valley train station. Thank you!

Massage Therapy

Hot Yoga 4 You Locust Valley is pleased to have an in-house massage therapist. Please call the studio 516.277.2700 to schedule your massage.

Wellness Coach

Want to take your health & wellness to the next level? Contact THE CLEANSING PROJECT to begin working with your personal wellness coach, who is ready to design a strategic action plan for your specific goals!