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[img src=]29660Standing Deep Breathing
> mental relaxation
> detoxification
> works the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems
[img src=]20320Standing Deep Breathing
[img src=]19620Half-Moon
> helps lower back pain, constipation, obesity of the stomach,
scoliotic deformities, frozen shoulder
> works deltoid, trapezius, pectoralis major, and hamstring muscles
> exercises the colon, pancreas, and kidneys
[img src=]19260Awkward Pose
> helps to open pelvic area
> helps to bring relief to joint pain and arthritis of the knees
> strengthens lower limbs, relieves sciatica, improves flexibility in toes and ankles
> strengthens deltoids and improve shoulder joint mobility
[img src=]18750Eagle
> strengthens lower extremities
> opens mobility in hip girdle and all 12 major joints of body by creating pressure to release and flush oxygen and blood into the joints
> regulates sexual energies, improves function of central nervous system
[img src=]17680Standing Head to Knee
> improves concentration, willpower
> helps to relieve sciatica by increasing circulation and improving flexibility
> reduces diabetic symptoms
> strengthens back muscles and nerves
> works the muscular, skeletal, reproductive, and digestive systems
[img src=]17160Standing Bow-Pulling
> increases circulation to the heart and lungs
> improves flexibility of the spine
> helps with lower back pain
> opens the diaphragm and lungs
> improves hamstring flexibility
[img src=]16190Balancing Stick
> increases blood flow throughout the entire body
> clears arteries
> builds endurance and mental determination
> works the pancreas, kidney, and spleen
> works muscular, cardiovascular, reproductive, and nervous systems
[img src=]15650Separate Leg Stretching
> helps to combat constipation and abdominal obesity
> increases circulation to the brain and adrenal glands
> good for small and large intestines
> reverses blood flow through spine, cleansing and revitalizing
[img src=]15270Triangle
> helps to balance biochemistry
> good for the kidneys, heart, and lungs
> helps colitis, constipation, hip and back pain
> improves general mobility of the body
> helps to relieve menstrual disorders
> benefits cardiovascular, muscular, nervous, and immune systems
[img src=]14770Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee
> helps abdominal obesity, balances blood-sugar, pancreas, kidneys, and lungs
> addresses thyroid issues and diabetes
> works endocrine, reproductive, and digestive systems
> stimulates pituitary gland, activating the base of the brain
[img src=]14360Tree Pose
> opens hip and knee flexibility
> calms nervous system
> steadies focus and harnesses vital energy
> releases abdominal tension
[img src=]13910Wind-Removing
> helps to relieve symptoms of constipation, flatulence, hyper> acidity
> massages ascending, descending, and transverse colon
[img src=]13850Toe Stand
> creates balance in mind and body
> relieves joint pain in knees/ankles/toes
> helps to combat arthritis in lower joints of body
> strengthens stomach muscles
[img src=]13320Cobra
> works to strengthen lower back muscles
> abdominal toning
> leg and pelvic strength
> opens chest and ribcage
[img src=]13370Locust
> increases mobility in shoulder, elbow, wrist joints
> strengthens upper back muscles
> aids in circulation to upper spine
> tones buttocks, hamstring, calf muscles
[img src=]13090Full Locust
> strengthens the middle spine
> opens chest and ribcage
> activates digestive organs and pelvic energy
> strengthens all 4 limbs of the body against gravity
> challenges cardiovascular system
[img src=]13130Floor Bow
> works entire spinal column at once
> helps to align and enhance central nervous system functioning
> massages reproductive and digestive systems
> opens chest and ribcage, improving breathing capacity
> stretching quadriceps muscles
[img src=]12840Fixed Firm
> strengthens and improves flexibility of lower spine
> helps to open hip, knee, and ankle joints
> opens chest and ribcage, activating diaphragm and lungs
> helps to cure arthritis, gout, and inflammation in lower limbs
> helps to prevent hernia, varicose veins
[img src=]12700Half Tortoise
> helps to alleviate indigestion, constipation, flatulence
> provides maximum relaxation
> stretches lower part of lungs, good for emphysema & asthma
> helps to relieve symptoms of diabetes
[img src=]12710Camel
> strengthens muscles in the back and shoulders
> produces maximum compression of the spine, stimulating nervous system
> relieves back aches
> widens chest and pelvis, allowing for maximum circulation
> helps with spinal deformities, scoliosis
[img src=]12490Rabbit
> opposite of camel, stretches back of spine to its maximum
> helps maintain flexibility, mobility, and strength to all spinal muscles
> nurtures the nervous system, bringing blood to brain
> helps alleviate symptoms of depression
> good for cold, sinus, congestion
[img src=]12190Head to Knee w. Stretching
[img src=]12150Head to Knee w. Stretching
> helps to balance blood-sugar levels
> good for the immune system, stimulates thymus
> improves kidney function
> increases circulation to liver, spleen, pancreas, thymus
> stretches hamstring muscles
> calms nervous system
[img src=]12040Head to Knee w. Stretching
[img src=]12240Spine Twist
> twists joints of spine from top to bottom
> helps maintain spine and hip flexibility
> strengthens abdominal wall
> “wringing effect” in all major vital organs
> neutralizes the energy of the spine
> prepares the body for rest
[img src=]12320Kapalbhati Breathing
> helps to rid the body of toxins
> sweeps the base of lungs clear
> improves abdominal strength and control
> brings “fire” to belly, burning unwanted fat and excess toxins
> good for the heart and lungs
> fights high blood pressure
[img src=]11930Dead Body/Savasana
> allows for maximum relaxation at the end of practice
> helps body absorb and assimilate all benefits of practice
> promotes overall circulation
> returns body heat and heart rate to normalcy
> the most "sacred" element of the sequence
> stillness, breath, centeredness