• Please arrive on time. Doors open 20-30 minutes before class. Doors are locked at the start of class for the safety of all students. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • Bring with you an open mind, sharing positive thoughts, words, and actions with your Teachers and fellow students.
  • Be sure to sign-in for every class. Shoes are to be left in the lobby.
  • Please be sure to silence all cell phones upon entry into Hot Yoga 4 You.
  • Be conscious of air-quality. Deodorant is great, but heavy cologne, perfume, or wearing essential oils is not.
  • Please bring only you, your mat/towel, and water into the room. All other personal belongings are to stay in the lobby or changing areas. (No keys, cell phones, plastic bags, or handbags)
  • Glass bottles are not allowed inside the yoga room. Disposable and non-disposable water bottles are available for purchase.
  • Practice silence inside the hot room. Help to create and preserve a sacred, quiet space, conducive to meditation and transformation.
  • Respect the Teacher and his/her advice and experience
  • Listen to the detailed instruction from the teacher in order to gain more confidence and alignment to benefit your practice.
  • Move together. Doing your own thing in class is an unnecessary distraction to others practice. We share this space as a Community!
  • Do your best to stay in the room for the duration of the class. If you feel faint or dizzy,  sit, or lie quietly on your mat and breathe. You WILL feel less weak and stressed shortly. We have all been there.
  • If you have questions, please ask them before or after class, but never during. Keep the class-time meditative.
  • You receive maximum benefits from your practice by resting in Savasana for at least 2 minutes at the end of each class. This is YOUR time. Cherish it.
  • When you do choose to leave the room, please do so quietly. Walk mindfully and open/close doors carefully, so as not to disturb your fellow students who are choosing to stay in the space longer than you.
  • Enjoy the peace and serenity you’ve worked so hard for. Be sure to hydrate, and make up your mind to come back soon to experience the full benefits of the practice
  •      ~   Namaste  ~