Class Descriptions

utkatsanaAll yoga classes at Hot Yoga 4 You Locust Valley use the element of heat to help purge toxins and impurities out of the body. Our teachers are skilled to lead you through this process as a beginner and will continue to challenge you as you gain experience. Heat aids in relaxing muscular resistance to stretching, and your own breath is the energy source to power up your practice!

The practice of yoga will cultivate and foster a body of balance, strength, flexibility, and centered awareness. You will take the benefits of yoga with you into your daily life, which will better your awareness, your responses and make you fully alive and more balanced in your life.

75 minute Hot Yoga75-Minute Class: This class is a hybrid blend of the 90-minute class and the 60-minute class. Enjoy the pace of a 90-minute standing series and the strong finish of the 60-minute floor series! Beginner and experienced students welcome.

60 minute express Hot Yoga60-Minute Class: Our signature 60-minute class is our most popular class. Following the choreography of the traditional 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises from the 90-minute class, this hot yoga class cuts a lot of down-time out and gives a cardio kick as we flow postures seamlessly together to make it a totally efficient, full-body 60-minute yoga experience. This class is perfect for those wellness warriors that have busy lives to lead but love the traditional sequence. Pressed for time? This class is for you.Beginner and experienced students welcome.

Vinyasa yoga classVinyasa: Our warm vinyasa class is heated to a lesser degree than our hot yoga classes. This vinyasa class will link yoga postures seamlessly and teach the yoga student how to move with breath. Although fundamental postures will repeat, Vinyasa class is an exploration of ever-rotating yoga postures. Beginner and experienced students welcome.

schedule-iconFusionHot Yoga Fusion: Hot Yoga Fusion classes will combine the postures of traditional Hot Yoga and the postures of vinyasa, or flow yoga, to create an invigorating, fun, and challenging blend of both disciplines. Come deepen your existing yoga practice and experience more arm and core work, more downward dogs and Sun Salutions, and more twisting asanas. Advanced Beginner and experienced students welcome.

Current Instructors

Hot Yoga – 60 & 75 min
Joe G,  Karen P, Mike S, Rhonda F,  Laura Katz, Maria R

Warm Vinyasa
Maggie C,  Larry W, Rhonda F, Ryan, Mike, new teachers to come.


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