65 Minute Class

Please watch this informative video about the 60-minute class from the HotYoga4You Rockville Centre location.  Our 60 minute class is compressed, balanced, very cardiovascular, and gives you more time for your daily activities~

What is the 65-minute class?
The 60-minute class is choreographed from the same postures as the 90 minute class, but moves at a quicker flow and has  less rest. As a result of the faster pace, there are increased cardio-vascular benefits, which help to create leaner muscle and a stronger heart


Do I burn the same amount of calories in the 65 as I do in the 90? More/less?
Research shows that when our heart rate is elevated, the body will burn more calories to keep up with the respiratory process that feeds oxygen to all the muscles in the body being called on to perform. That being said, the 60-minute class does increase the cardio-vascular challenge, therefore upping the number of calories burned.

If the series moves at a quicker pace and has less down time, does that mean I lose all the benefits and magic of the stillness in the 90-minute classes?
While the 90-minute class is rich with technical support and philosophical fertility, the time between the poses, at it’s most basic interpretation, is a chance for the body to recover from the challenge of the previous pose. Most importantly  it’s the final stillness, after the completion of your yoga practice, that the body can truly reap the rewards and integrate the practice as a whole experience. While it is recommended that you take a 75 or 90-minute class as a first time student, many people benefit and feel fine beginning their yoga practice with our 65-minute class. As with any physical discipline, it’s success relies on being patient with your progress. Taking good care of yourself in the room by sitting out a posture when needed, hydrating properly, and coming in with an open mind will help to strengthen not just your muscles, but also your resolve to stick with it!

I’m new to hot yoga. Is it ok for me to join the 65-minute class?
While we do recommend that a first-time student of hot yoga start with a 75  class or warm Vinyasa, beginners are welcome to all our classes. The 90-minute class moves at a slower, more digestible pace that will help ease you in to practicing yoga in a heated room. We’ve also have had students new to hot yoga come in and excel in our 60-minute class. As always, it’s important to take care of yourself inside and out of the room. Hydrate properly, get enough rest, and come in with an open mind. Be patient with yourself.  If you need to kneel or lie on the mat when overwhelmed or fatigued – that is encouraged until you build stamina.   We ask that you do not leave the room – as that disturbs other students who are balancing or working to achieve the asana.