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    Taking the First Step is the hardest and best decision.  By entering the hot room, you have embarked on a wonderfully opening , detoxifying challenge in which every cell and muscle in your body will feel superb following each class. Hot Yoga is a sequence of 26 traditional hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises performed in the same order, every class. The room temperature is heated to 105 F and each class is 60, 75 or 90 minutes in duration. Each class is suitable for  beginners as well as advanced students. We also offer 2 Warm Vinyasa classes currently, and will have 3-4 more in the Fall.
   Congratulations for taking steps to improve your well being, by creating “me time” to recharge your battery, reconnect to your breath and body and to sink deeper into the Asanas. Ours is a welcoming staff and community of yogi’s and students.  Feel free to email our director at hy4ylv@gmail.com for specific concerns and questions.
     At Hot Yoga 4 You we offer disciplined, organized classes  – taught by certified, encouraging teachers. You WILL experience HOW GREAT you can fell and you will benefit from better Posture, healthier hamstrings/ spine, and more openness throughout your entire body.  Your mind and body will both be more balanced, sharper, and more tuned in to your the deeper things of Life. 60minbanner

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Current Schedule

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Parking Guidelines

Please be sure not to block any business driveway when parking on Birch Hill Rd. Always remember there is ample parking down the road and at Locust Valley train station. Thank you!

Massage Therapy

Hot Yoga 4 You Locust Valley is pleased to have an in-house massage therapist. Please call the studio 516.277.2700 to schedule your massage.

Wellness Coach

Want to take your health & wellness to the next level? Contact THE CLEANSING PROJECT to begin working with your personal wellness coach, who is ready to design a strategic action plan for your specific goals!