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barre 2BARRE Class TIMES!

Benefits of BARRE: Tones your Core, strengthens your thighs, lower back, slims the waist and also tones arms and shoulders. 55 Minute Class of toning and music!

  • Tuesday  & Thursdays 11:00am
  • Wednesdays 7:30pm
  • Saturday 9:45am
  • Sunday 8:00am
  • Monday 4:30pm

Advance Registration required. Class Limit is 18 Students. Strongly advised to register/pay in advance!

Why Hot Yoga?

DO Know – The First 5 Times you attend heated classes, you are detoxing from the Inside Out. Your mind and body will take several classes to adapt to the process. These are the first step towards internal cleansing and healing.  We are here to SUPPORT You in your Practice and spiritual journey.  There are a MULTITUDE of BENEFITS that happens to us – from creating a healthier heart, stronger lungs, less anxiety in life, more BALANCE and Much More!     Constantly lengthening your spine, fine tuning balance, firing up that Core – tons of great things happening within EACH CLASS!

It must be practiced, to be understood.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Taking the First Step is the hardest and best decision.  By entering the hot room you have embarked on a wonderfully opening, detoxifying challenge in which every cell and muscle in your body will be stimulated and feel superb following class. Hot Yoga is a hatha based sequence of 26 traditional hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises performed in the same order, each class. The room temperature is heated to 105 F for each class, with humidity added to the room.  We offer  65 or 75 minute classes.  As well as  Warm Vinyasa classes.


New to Studio?

First Timers. One Choice -- 1 Time ONLY:

1) 20 Days Unlimited Classes for $39 . We WANT you to experience our safe oasis and our encouraging and knowledgeable instructors.
2) 3 Classes for $30 - Expires in 30 Days
3) 2 Months for $149 - Just JUMP Right IN!

(Does not apply to students who have taken class at 49 Birch Hill Rd before)

kids yoga

$18 fee

Talk to Us

We're always interested to hear what our students like - and don't like - about our studio and our classes. Want a different class time? Really love an instructor? Disappointed? Let us know!

Registering for a class is easy, just include class name in message area so we can send you more information.

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